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Practicing Potter Wheel Reservation


Pottery wheel rental time is for our “Practicing Potters” only. You must taken our series classes first and have received a welcome notice with private code. Prices for wheel rental along with rules are given after student has met requirements. If you would like to take a pottery wheel class please visit our “Events & Classes” page to sign up for a class.

Important Wheel Rental Time Requirements! * 

MUST READ! Solo pottery wheel time is for our experienced Practicing Potter customers only! You must first take a Pottery Wheels Intro class first before you can rent wheel time. This is to ensure when working with our wheels you understand our studio rules and safety procedures. Outside wheel experience will not count.

Your Practicing Potter’s Passcode * 

If you’ve taken our intro wheel classes we’ve provided you a special passcode. Please use it here.

Name of our experienced Practicing Potter? * 

What weekly class did you attend and when? * 


To throw on our wheels you must have taken a 4 week class and you must also use our clay. Currently, we are throwing with low fire white earthenware. In order to sign up for wheel time you will use Practicing Potters code via invite email.