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Kids Parties

$25.00 (deposit)

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Birthday parties at Ceramics in the City are great for kids 6 and up. Choose the party package that works for you.  Parties are 1.5 hours long.  A studio team member will set up for the party, facilitate, and clean up too! You will leave the painted projects with us to glaze and fire. We will have the works of art back to you in a week or less! *We request that you book/confirm your parties 2 weeks in advance so that we can staff for it and/or order enough special requested pottery. If you have a last minute party do not worry - give us a call! Let us see if we can fit you in.

When you book your party you will be charged a deposit.  This deposit will be credited to your bill upon check out the day of your party.  Party package prices are listed below.  Choose the option that works best for you and we will take care of the rest!

PARTY PACKAGES: "PICK OFF THE SHELF!" - Sometimes it is just hard to decide what everyone likes.  When you select Pick off the Shelf party package it allows you to choose what works for your group the day of the party.  You are welcome to come in a few minutes early and pick a few items for the children to choose from or let the kiddos pick themselves.  Prices will vary based of your choices.  We add an additional $2 to all pieces and pottery prices start at $18ea.

"FAIRYTALES!" - This package includes figurines from fairytales like Unicorns, Mermaids, Fairies, and Princesses.  Selection might vary based on inventory.  $22ea

"PARTY ANIMALS!" - We have a large selection of adorable animal figurines.  Selection may vary based on inventory.  $22ea

"Banks!" - These cute and useful critters are great savings banks!  Start them saving early!  $24ea

"Dunk Mugs!" - These clever mugs are great fun to paint and even more fun to use.  The mug holds your milk and the cut out (aka Mouth) holds your cookie!  $26ea

"Harry Potter!" - This party package is magical for those little wizards.  It includes a castle mug and a cute add on like an owl, wizard, or knight.  $27ea You are welcome to enjoy cake at your party after pottery is completed.  We do not suggest bringing other foods.  We do NOT supply plates, utensils or napkins.

***Because we have a busy studio and we staff our store based on reservations we allow the host of the party up to 3 no shows at no charge. NO SHOW RULE EXAMPLE: If you book a party of 14 people and only 6 people show up you would be responsible for the 5 people who do not show up at $15 per person. You will be charged for the no shows the day of the party. Please keep in contact with us before the party to illuminate the icky "no show" charge. *Each guest is expected to do their own piece of art - If you have a guest that does not wish to do any art work they will be charged a $10 sitting fee.  Due to limited space and as courtesy to other customers in the studio we ask that only the parents and grandparents of birthday child attend birthday party. There is a $15 fee for each additional adult that stays with the party. Deposits are non refundable. Store credit is issued if party is cancelled with at least two weeks notice.

Inventory has been weird since the start of Covid19.  Please understand that we do our best to have the items/party package you select.  If we see an inventory problem we will let you know as soon as we can.