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Private Wheel Time or Party

(Starting at $200)

Enjoy an instructor-led, private wheel session for yourself or with others.  A private wheel time session starts at $200 for the 1st person.  Add additional guests and save!  Up to 10 people per 2 hr session.  (We can entertain more than 10 people but after 10 people you will need to share time on the wheel.  That might be great for parties that bring food and drink! – Take a wheel break for a snack!)

How many people will join? *

This booking is a request. You can book for a one-on-one class or a party. Events are not confirmed until event balance is paid in full.


Your private wheel time is for singles, couples or groups.

  • 2 hours of private wheel time
  • 1 finished piece (per person) included in your session
  • Additional pieces allowed at $10 per piece
  • A fun time creating with our instructor!

Your private wheel time session will be confirmed by one of our studio members.  Once confirmed you will be able to pay for your session in advance and have your time booked!  Session time is only complete once you have paid your invoice.

If you have more than 10 guests and guests are willing to share wheel time we are happy to accommodate. Please call us so that we can work out a special party just for your needs!

REFUNDS & CANCELLATIONS:  There are no refunds for this type of booking, but we will allow a voucher to be issued for any last-minute cancellations up to 48 hours prior to your date.   You can request the voucher by visiting this link and submit for a reschedule time.